Ana Fernández Vilas

Associate Professor ( My CV)

Office B-104
Department of Telematics Engineering 
E. E. Telecomunicación
UVIGO Campus. 36310 Vigo 
Phone: +34 986813868
e-mail: avilas [at] det [dot] uvigo [dot] es

Ana Fernández Vilas is PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Vigo (2002). In March 2003, she obtained the category of University Professor in the Department of Telematics Engineering of the University of Vigo where she is currently. Since 2012 she develops her research activity in the framework of the AtlantTIC Research Center, within the Information & Computing Lab group (I&C Lab, Within I&C Lab, Ana Fernández Vilas focuses her research on mining, cleaning and merging open data sources, as well as the application of exploratory, prediction and classification techniques for decision-making in specific areas: smart cities, processes of learning, sensor orchestration, financial market, etc.

Bachelor in Telecommunication Engineering
• "Internships" (available at Syllabus
• "Final Year Dissertation" (available at Syllabus

Master in Telecommunication Engineering
• "Applications Technologies" (TA), 1st. year (available at Syllabus)
• "Master Thesis", 2nd. year, (available at Syllabus)

Master in Cybersegurity
• "Management of Information Security". 1st Year (available at Syllabus)

• "Security as a Businees. 1st Year (available at Syllabus)

PhD programme
• PhD Programme in Information and Communications Technology ( DOC_TIC) at the University of Vigo