Ana Fernández Vilas

Associate Professor (My CV)

Office B-104
Department of Telematics Engineering 
E. E. Telecomunicación
UVIGO Campus. 36310 Vigo 
Phone: +34 986813469
e-mail: avilas [at] det [dot] uvigo [dot] es

I am Associate Professor at the Department of Telematics Engineering of the University of Vigo and researcher in the Information & Computing Laboratoty (AtlantTIC Research Center). I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Vigo in 2002. My research activity at I&C lab focuses on Semantic-Social Intelligence & data mining. I look for applying both to Ubiquitous Computing and Sensor Web; urban planning & learning analytics.

Also I am involved in several mobility & cooperation projects with North African countries & Western Balkans.


• "Arquitecturas y Servicios Telemáticos" (AST), 3º year, Telecommunications Engineering (available in faiTIC
• "Comunicación de Datos" (CD), 2nd. year, Telecommunications Engineering (available in faiTIC

• "Tecnologias de Aplicacion" (TA), 1st. year, Master in Telecommunications Engineering (available in faiTIC)
• "Análisis de datos" (AD), 2nd. year, Master in Telecommunications Engineering (available in faiTIC)

Livelong Learning
• "Introducción a las redes sociales y a la Web 2.0", Ciclo intensivo, 3º in Programa de mayores de la Universidad de Vigo(available in faiTIC)

PhD programme
• PhD Programme in Information and Communications Technology ( DOC_TIC) at the University of Vigo


• "Problemas de Teoría de Colas" (Andavira publisher, 2010) ISBN: 978-84-8408-560-7 

• "Teoría de Colas y Simulación de Eventos Discretos" (Prentice-Hall publisher, 2003) ISBN: 84-205-3675-X