Blended Learning Analytics

Blended learning is a type of education that combines traditional classroom instruction and computer-mediated instruction (e-learning). Usually the virtual education is based on the use of online learning platforms such as Moodle, Claroline, Dokeos, etc. These platforms allow teachers to create online courses and upload some course contents, activities, quizzes, etc. Furthermore the learning platforms often provide forums or chats to allow students communicate with each other.

Although the online learning platforms are thought to provide contents to students, they also store in their database all the information about the activities that the students perform in the platform. The main objective of this project is to analyze this data in order to obtain information about the education process in blended courses, and thus improve the blended education. We will try to improve both the learning process, improving the way in which students learn and detecting students learning problems at an early stage; and the teaching process, improving the teaching techniques and the course organization.

We will use data mining techniques, machine learning, deep learning and other statistical techniques to analyse the data and achieve the proposed objectives.